Stressed at Work

It’s all becoming too much. So how are you feeling inside?

Feeling stressed at work is all too common these days. With increasing pressure and expectations, greater competition, long hours and cases of harassment and bullying, it’s not surprising that many people feel unable to cope.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. And the good news is that a little professional help can make all the difference to your morale and confidence, enabling you to feel more positive and able to improve your situation.

Feel a difference fast.

As a qualified hypnotherapist and former nurse, I’ve been able to help many people who are stressed and worried about work.

Using a proven combination of clinical hypnotherapy, EFT and other natural, alternative therapies, just a few sessions are normally enough to help you regain perspective and feel that you’re back in control. With the benefit of dynamic psychological coping strategies you can see and feel a difference fast – all without any mental health implications on your medical records or CV.

The key to feeling better inside often lies in professional coaching to help you access your own strengths and resources, enabling you to respond positively to the events around you – so you feel more in control at every stage, even in situations you may find difficult.

Under pressure.

The combined effects of constant demands, targets, quotas, complaints, appraisals, personal criticism and dealing with authority figures can sometimes seem unbearable. I can help you manage the stress and tap into your own creativity to find the right coping strategies to get back in control, and stay on top.

Confidence with customers.

Everyone knows that people decide in the first few seconds whether they’re going to like you. I can show you how to use your body language to make the right impression, understand other people better – and get better business.

Beating depression.

Lots of things can make us feel depressed – some at home and some at work. Maybe you sometimes feel overwhelmed, defeated, and that your life’s out of control or just not worth the bother. Or you might feel taken for granted and undervalued. If so, I can help you learn to prioritise, focus on the future, and nurture positive thought patterns. Making
a positive change to your beliefs, attitude and expectations can change your perspective, alter your experience and make life feel worthwhile again.

Stage fright.

If you have to make presentations, you may be familiar with butterflies in your stomach, dry throat, wobbly knees and trembly voice. I can help with proven techniques that work, enabling you to deliver your presentation professionally, effectively and with a performance that sparkles. Many people who seem to be able to perform naturally have benefited from professional coaching.

Coping with anxiety.

Do you ever feel self-conscious, or shy, or over-concerned about what other people think? Perhaps blushing is a problem. Or maybe you allow people to take advantage of your good nature. Coaching using clinical hypnotherapy can raise your self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness, reduce anxiety, and help you keep your cool.


Many people dread interviews. Others shine. The difference can often be a little help and coaching – enabling you to draw on your unconscious resources to feel calm, confident and in control, and get the result that you want.

Back to work.

It’s sometimes not easy to return to work after a break, or having children, or a period of illness or unemployment. Confidence is the key, and I can help you achieve it.

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