The problem might be physical. But how are you feeling inside?

For some people, just seeing a white coat or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room can be enough to make them sweat. Fear of injections, blood pressure tests, dentists’ chairs, MRI scans and hospital wards are all extremely common.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. We all have to go through medical checks and procedures, and they can sometimes make us feel stressed, embarrassed or vulnerable. A little professional help can make all the difference in enabling you to feel more relaxed, calm and able to cope.

Medical worries – helping you cope.

Using a proven combination of clinical hypnotherapy, EFT and other natural, alternative drug-free therapies, I’ve been able to help many people who are worried about medical appointments and treatment. Just a few sessions are normally enough to allay anxieties, overcome nerves, gain new levels of calm and relaxation, and bring out your inner confidence.

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and former nurse, I can give you coping strategies and a new perspective. The key to feeling better inside often lies in professional coaching to help you access the strengths and resources within yourself, enabling you to respond positively to the events around you, even if you can’t control them – so you feel more in control at every stage, even in situations you normally find difficult.

Going to the dentist

Many people worry about having injections, gagging, feeling pain, not being in control, or simply being unable to speak. Hardly surprising – our mouths are sensitive places. Hypnotherapy can allow you to conquer your fears and help you feel much more relaxed and in control, as well as able to tell your dentist what you’re feeling, and what you need.

MRI scans

It’s not unusual to feel trapped, claustrophobic, or out of control if you’re unable to move or confined in a restricted space. Using proven techniques including time distortion, I can help you relax, feel more confident, regain control, and find the whole experience shorter and easier to manage.

Hospitals and operations.

Hospitals often make people feel anxious. Worrying about operations, anaesthetic, picking up an illness, mixed wards and unfamiliar surroundings are all very common. It’s easy to feel vulnerable, embarrassed or scared. I can help you cope and be more assertive, so you feel more able to ask for what you want and need. Feeling more relaxed has been proven to strengthen the immune system and shorten recovery time.

Pregnancy and preparing for birth

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and joyful time if you feel relaxed and confident. But it has its stresses too – and much will depend on your expectations. Clinical hypnotherapy is natural, positive, non-invasive and drug-free. I can teach you to use your own strengths and resources to cope and remain calm though every stage – helping you to stay relaxed, positive and in control. You can learn to cope better with discomfort, be more confident in asking for what you want, and achieve a memorable and beautiful experience as you welcome the new member of your family.

Controlling pain

Migraines are very common, and are often caused by stress or anxiety. I can help to source and resolve emotional triggers, providing natural relief and allowing you to regain control of your life. Similar techniques can be used for controlling phantom limb pain, and that of many other medical conditions.

Coping with anxiety and depression.

We all respond differently to stress in our lives. IBS, OCD and irritable bladder are just a few manifestations. Using desensitisation and hypnotherapy you can regain your confidence and control, and enjoy life again. If you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, emotional or depressed, I can help you make a positive change to your beliefs, attitude and expectations to change your perspective, alter your experience and make life feel worthwhile again.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and battle stress.

Bad things happen to good people everywhere. If you’re finding it difficult to recover from a traumatic event in your life, desensitisation using clinical hypnotherapy can help you regain your control and sense of well-being. By reducing flashbacks, insomnia and emotional outbursts you can keep the past in the past.

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