Rebellious Teens

Uncontrollable Children / Teenagers.

Children thrive on stability and certainty. This is created by firm boundaries.

Most unfortunately in this day and age, divorce is at an all time high, single parents struggle to cope and where by necessity both parents work just to survive, parenting is done from a perspective of guilt. We don’t spend as much time with our children as we would like. We compensate by trying to give them what they want – financial rewards – presents – relaxing curfews etc. We want to spend the little time we have with our children as friends, not being the bad guy enforcing family rules! So the boundaries become the first casualty and the rebellion stronger. To regain harmony, love and respect in your family I can offer you some parenting strategies to help.

You may be interested in learning about treatment for anger.

Anger Management. When you come for treatment for anger to begin with we will spend some time collecting information about how long you have had a problem controlling your anger and how you react to sensitive situations. What makes you most angry and what helps you feel less angry and all the other peripheral feelings that are linked. Anger is often a generic term for a reaction that has its basis in hurt or pain or frustration and has become your way of expressing your self. It is often a learned behaviour. Most people with anger issues feel out of control, this feeling affects their confidence and self esteem and anger becomes a way of trying to hide their insecurity. Their own insecurity makes them feel threatened and the anger increases, becoming a vicious circle. Even though the remorse felt after an outburst may be genuine, unless new ways of expressing the emotions involved are found and the cycle is broken you will be destined to continue on this self destructive path. Uncontrolled anger destroys families, partners, children and livelihoods causing shame, pain, embarrassment and loss. Anger is a weakness which robs you of power in your own life; learning to express yourself in new more constructive way increases your confidence and self esteem and others react in a whole new and more positive way thereby increasing and confirming those good feelings!

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