Helping you to communicate better.

Most relationship problems are down to a lack of communication – not just keeping things from your partner, but maybe keeping things from yourself.

Sometimes we say things we do not mean, and we may not know where they are coming from.

Instead of speaking out when we disagree with our partner, or explaining our feelings when we should, we often bury things within. These bottled up emotions may then come out at a later date, and in unpredictable ways.

For example, previous disappointments – from current or past relationships – might make us act jealousy and possessiveness.

Hypnotherapy allows to explore the reasons behind your communication problems, and to put the tools in place for you to rebuild trust within your relationship.

I can help you deal with

  • Jealousy / Possesiveness
  • Infidelity
  • Growing apart
  • Problems with extended families
  • Dealing with In-Laws
  • Empty nest syndrome

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