When Two Become One.

Divorce can be a huge mental strain on the strongest of minds. Not only the worry of the splitting of the wealth between the people concerned, but facing life as a single person again can be just as daunting no matter how long the marriage lasted. With hynoptherapy you will be able to regain your indivuality and a sense of self belief to cope with life as a single person. Being able to relax throughout the long and ongoing process of divorce with piece of mind knowing that you have the confidence to hold your head high during this distressing time. More importantly relaxation methods will help you feel good about yourself and more optimistic about your future, as well as help you improve the things which consequently added to the end of the relationship without pinning the blame to anyone.

Divorce often brings distress due to your ex partner moving on and new people coming to your childrens lives. Loyalties are torn and it can be hard to cope.

I can help you regain your perspective and maintain your dignity.

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