Packed and ready to go. But how are you feeling?

Going away on holiday or travelling in general can be great fun – but it can also be stressful and difficult. Many people feel anxious about flying, worry about being sick, dread having their jabs or are just nervous about being away from home in a strange place.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. A little professional help can make all the difference in enabling you to feel more relaxed, confident, calm and in control.

Travel coaching – for greater confidence.

As a qualified hypnotherapist and former nurse, I’ve been able to help many people and families to enjoy their travel experiences to the full. Using a proven combination of clinical hypnotherapy, EFT and other natural alternative therapies, just a few sessions are normally enough to allay anxieties, overcome nerves, gain new levels of calm and relaxation, and bring out your inner confidence.

Many people who seem to enjoy life and travel effortlessly have benefited from this kind of help. The key to feeling better often lies in professional coaching to help you access the strengths and resources within yourself, enabling you to respond positively to the events around you, even if you can’t control them – so you feel good at every stage, from the minute you leave for the airport.

“I used to be ill for the first two days of every holiday. You helped me to have fourteen happy, enjoyable, relaxed and well days away on holiday. Here’s to many more!” Margaret

Flying phobia.

Taking off, feeling trapped, fear of heights, claustrophobia, long flights, turbulence, security, lost bags … there’s a long list of things that people worry and even panic about when they get on an aeroplane. The good news is that it is possible to feel far calmer, more relaxed and unconcerned. Using techniques with clinical hypnotherapy such as desensitisation and time distortion, I can help you enjoy the flight and even change your perception of time so the flight seems shorter.

Creepy crawlies.

Snakes, bugs and spiders may be more likely in the places you’re going – and when you’re afraid, they seem to be everywhere. Even if you know your fears are irrational, it’s not always easy to control them. I can help you relax and convert your fears to confidence, even to the point where you no longer notice them.


Emetophobia, or fear of sickness, is very common – whether you’re worried about being sick yourself or near to someone else who’s being sick. Finding yourself ill in another country, and even normal travel sickness, are other common worries. I can help you to desensitise from such fears, and learn to stay calm and unconcerned.


There are some sacrifices we all have to make for good health and protection – but it isn’t always easy. Few people enjoy having injections, but with the right help it is possible to gain the tranquillity and confidence you need to cope.

Away from home.

Strange food, different customs, unfamiliar places … they can all be part of the excitement of travel, but sometimes cause anxieties too. By helping you to change your perspective, I can help you to enjoy your travel experience to the full.

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