Sheila Jones


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Queens Chambers Hypnotherapy Practice

Qualified and Insured with over 20 years of Experience!

I'm Sheila Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Most of the problems in life are things that are common to all of us.

We can all overcome these problems, but some of us may need a little help.

This is all perfectly normal.

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Client Feedback

I can't explain how I was feeling, just very calm and laid back, I can't wait to fly again.
Diane James
Fear of Flying
The emotional freedom technique that I learnt from you has been invaluable.
Jean Meeson
I went to Prague and did my talk in front of loads of students, who all listened! I had a big business conversation with two big directors too...and I was calm.
Leanne Humphries
Public Speaking

Are you being held back?